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Anyone out there ever felt like the new kid on the block? Or perhaps that you are not as good as someone else at a particular job, sport, or activity? Welcome to my world over the past few months. Officially launching my photography business has been an interesting journey in professional growth. This has been a season of learning new skills, asking lots of questions, and developing more humility.

One goal I had in this first year was to take part in a photography workshop. I had looked into a few different ones, but wasn’t able to make the investment yet. A few weeks ago I found myself sucked into the endless void of my Facebook newsfeed (let’s all be honest here… it’s happened to you too). My attention was drawn to a post by a local photographer that I had admired for her artistic expression. Tracy Burch shared that she was giving away a free spot at her upcoming workshop. I’m a fan of things that are free and a FREE spot for a workshop with a talented photographer seemed to good to be true. I sent in an email to be entered for the giveaway. Of course I got excited and wondered if I would win the spot. Tracy responded back right away with a sweet email and told me all entrants would hear back from her by the weekend. I’ve not typically been one to win contests, but hey maybe this was my big moment. Later that weekend I spied a new message from Tracy in my inbox. I held my breath and clicked on the message.

I didn’t get the spot.

My heart sunk. My mind immediately said, “You knew you may not win all along.” Alas this was not my day to win. It’s funny how your heart and head can experience the same moment in such different ways. One part full of raw feeling and the other full of no-nonsense logic.

Fast forward a week and upon returning home from shooting a session and running some errands, I see a text on my phone from Tracy Burch. My interest was piqued. One of the workshop participants had broken her foot and was going to be unable to make it. Tracy wanted to see if I was available and interested in still coming. I didn’t even try to play it suave. There even may have been all caps and emojis in my reply text. I have an awesome husband who has pushed and supported me in this whole endeavor so when I asked him if I could be gone for over eight hours the next day he didn’t even bat an eye and told me to go for it (people sometimes say that behind every great man there is a great woman – I have found the opposite to be true as well).

Nervous excitement filled me as I packed my camera bag and made the drive to Tracy’s house for the workshop. I was among three other ladies who are all photographers here in Kentucky. The day had a very personal and laid back feel. We all sat in comfy chairs in Tracy’s living room while we shared about ourselves and our businesses. Throughout the day Tracy invited us to ask questions. I was impressed how open and honest she was about her experience (both the good and the bad). It can be tempting in any business to keep the knowledge we’ve gained to ourselves in order to maintain our corner on the market. I’ve seen this to be true in photography, but I’ve also seen another side. I’m thankful for examples like Tracy Burch and Sarah Mayo*. They display a willingness to share what they’ve learned with others who are just starting out. A person’s value and character show up in various ways. I’ve been blessed to witness it vividly displayed in both of these women.

Part of the workshop involved a session led by Tracy where we could put into practice things we learned earlier that day. We had a beautiful couple to capture that evening. Talea and Nate were so easygoing and had a close bond that was evident. I came home still laughing over Nate holding out his hands in stiff mannequin like poses saying to us, “Just tell me what to do with these.” Since Talea knows what it is like to work behind the camera, she gave us lots of time and held gorgeous poses for our team. Both she and Nate provided us with chances to capture both candid and posed moments. By the way, Talea is an amazing newborn photographer that you should check out at Reflections by Talea.

All in all it was a great day. I would highly recommend Tracy’s workshop to others who are needing some inspiration in their photography journey or who are just starting out in the business. Below you will find a sampling of images I took during the session with Talea and Nate.

Sarah Kenworthy Photography photos from Tracy Burch Photography Workshop

Sarah Kenworthy Photography photos from Tracy Burch Photography Workshop

Tracy Burch at work during the session.

Tracy Burch at work during the session.

*Sarah, of Sarah Mayo Photography, graciously let me pick her brain over a year and half ago when this was all just the seed of an idea. She has continued to be a resource and friend to me in this arena. I highly recommend her to friends and family who live in the Indianapolis area.

Also if you are digging on the beautiful bouquet we had at the session, you should check out the work of Petal and Pine. They make some dreamy arrangements!



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September 20, 2016