Prom Sessions

Sarah Kenworthy Photography offers senior photography and prom sessions for teens

You found the dress, you have big plans for your hair, and the perfect shoes are waiting in your closet. You’ve spent time dreaming, planning, pinning, and shopping to create a beautiful prom look. Now that prom is about a month away your final plans are starting to come into focus.

I would love to join you, your date, and your friends to capture some gorgeous and fun pictures on your prom night. You can get plenty of selfies with your friends on the dance floor, why not let me come and take pictures of you and your squad while your makeup is still fresh and those “perfect” shoes are still on your feet rather than ditched in favor of your ever more comfortable bare feet?

I believe in slowing things down and enjoying the unique moments that make up the distinct seasons of life. You don’t get to wear a beautiful dress and have your hair done every day so it is the perfect time to make sure this moment is captured for years to come. I still love looking back at pictures from my prom! I cherish that special shot of my grandma standing with me by the lilac bush in the backyard and the ones of my best friends and I laughing while being told to smile for all of our parents’ cameras.

Whether you have red carpet aspirations, dreamed of being a princess since the first time you saw Cinderella as a child, or you simply want to stop and make sure this moment is captured, I would LOVE to be the photographer to join you!

You can schedule a session to take place on your prom night or in the weeks leading up to or after prom if your schedule is already maxed out on the night of prom. (Who doesn’t love a chance to wear your dress more than once?)*

For any of you moms, grandmas, or aunts out there… this can be a great gift or fun extra to add to your favorite teen’s prom season. It can be a quiet affair with just family and her date, a laid back session with her closest friends the week after prom, or a laughter filled time with a whole group that is headed to prom together.

This will allow you to sit back and simply enjoy the moment. The high school years can pass by so quickly so let me take the pictures while you soak in this milestone moment with your teen.

Spots are limited on the day of area high school’s proms, so don’t wait to contact me to reserve your spot.

15 minutes of photography
Up to 2 people
10 digital files
Photo Print Release

30 minutes of photography
Up to 6 people
24 digital files
Photo Print Release

45 minutes of photography
Up to 8 people
50 digital files
Photo Print Release

Non-refundable deposit of $25 is due at time of booking. All sessions will take place outdoors. Contact me to decide on your preferred location in Owensboro, Kentucky. In the event of rain during your session time, an alternate location will be offered. Changes due to rain will be decided upon the day before your scheduled time.

*If you schedule a session in the days/weeks leading up to or after prom, Sarah Kenworthy Photography will give you a bonus of extra time and images for the same price!

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March 20, 2017