I recently was preparing dinner and as I stood at our sink my gaze fell on two well-worn Salt & Pepper shakers (pictured below). I had heard about these shakers long before they landed on my windowsill. You see my husband’s grandmother, Ann, was quite the cook and hostess in her family. During his childhood many holiday meals, celebrSalt and Pepperatory gatherings, and family dinners had taken place at his grandparents home in northern Indiana. Of course no table is complete and no kitchen is fully equipped without a set of salt and pepper shakers. According to my husband, salt and pepper simply tasted better coming out of these shakers.

Feel free to raise an eyebrow at my last line. I did when he said it. How could very well used and worn salt and pepper shakers create better salt and pepper? He remained adamant in his profession any time a story came up about meals at his grandparent’s house. Fast forward a few months to the days leading up to our wedding. Sadly, Scott’s much loved grandmother passed away unexpectedly and our joy in this new season turned bittersweet.

Scott asked if we could have the shakers. Now I’ll be honest that as a new wife and homemaker these shakers did not exactly fit into my HGTV dream kitchen. We had received a nice shiny and new set as a wedding gift that were clean and modern. THOSE were the shakers I envisioned on our table. THOSE were the shakers I saw our guests using as we shared laughs at meals. Not these old, scuffed up ones that had belonged to his grandparents. I decided to quietly compromise unbeknownst to my husband by laying the new shakers out on our kitchen table, while putting his grandparent’s set in our cabinet with the rest of our spices.

Time passed, we moved, and bought a house. As we were unpacking our boxes and settling in, I came across his grandparent’s set. No longer were they the same old set I had always seen. During our early years of marriage, these were the shakers that I naturally grabbed while cooking since they were the closest to me in the kitchen. After all of those meals, I guess perhaps this set finally found its home with me.

Life goes by fast and sometimes you just need to stop for a moment to see the simple gifts right in front of you.

And to any of you who picked up on my 90’s kid reference… your welcome.